Protozoology lost one of its greatest: Dr. Keith Vickerman died.

Last tuesday (June 28th) Dr. Keith Vickerman, Honorary Professor in the Division of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology of the University of Glasgow, died.

Keith Vickerman will be remembered as a giant in the field. He is amongst the last people whose training and knowledge bridged the classical protozoology of the early 20th Century, then linked it to and encompassed the revolution in molecular cell biology of parasites in the late 20th century and  early 21st century. He was a man with encyclopaedic knowledge of the fascinating biology of protozoans but was also very insightful and understood how to ask an important and meaningful question. The answers to which often turned out to reveal some novel aspect of biology with major ramifications for understanding disease. He mentored and inspired generations of younger scientists with his enthusiasm for understanding parasites and so gained many friends around the world.

Writeen by Professor Keith Gull CBE DSc(Hon) FRS FMedSci FRSB