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  • Taxonomy of the subfamily Leishmaniinae:

Espinosa OA, Serrano MG, Camargo EP, Teixeira MM, Shaw JJ.   (2016). “An appraisal of the taxonomy and nomenclature of trypanosomatids presently classified as Leishmania and Endotrypanum.” Parasitology ePub (doi: 10.1017/S0031182016002092): 1-13.

  • Trypanosoma cruzi in the Chicken Model: Chagas-Like Heart Disease in the Absence of Parasitism. Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases , v. 5, p. e1000, 2011.

TEIXEIRA, A. R. L. ; GOMES, Clever ; NITZ, Nadjar ; Sousa, Alessandro O. ; Alves, Rozeneide M. ; Guimaro, Maria C. ; Cordeiro, Ciro ; Bernal, Francisco M. ; Rosa, Ana C. ; Hejnar, Jiri; Leonardecz, Eduardo ; Hecht, Mariana M.

  • Research priorities on Chagas disease, human African trypanosomiasis and leishmaniasis released

Report completo (116 paginas):

  • Leishmania (Leishmania) amazonensis induces macrophage miR-294 and miR-721 expression and modulates infection by targeting NOS2 and L-arginine metabolism

Sandra Marcia Muxel, Maria Fernanda Laranjeira-Silva, Ricardo Andrade Zampieri & Lucile Maria Floeter-Winter

  • Book: Molecular and Cellular Biology of Pathogenic Trypanosomatids

Information: Molecular and Cellular Biology of Pathogenic Trypanosomatids PRE Publication Makketting Letter

  • The Non-Canonical Substrates of Trypanosoma cruzi Tyrosine and Aspartate Aminotransferases: Branched-Chain Amino Acids.

Information: <ahref=”;jsessionid=7606DFC1241A6E0F32E801ED5E18E0A0.f04t03″>;jsessionid=7606DFC1241A6E0F32E801ED5E18E0A0.f04t03

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