• Tenure-track faculty position opening – Assistant Professor Department of Clinical Analyses, Toxicology and Food Science School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirao Preto University of São Paulo Brazil

Submission deadline: February, 19th, 2024 at 5 p.m. (GMT -3)

The Department of Clinical Analyses, Toxicology and Food Science (DACTB) at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirao Preto, University of São Paulo (FCFRP-USP) invites applications for one full-time tenure-track Assistant Professor Faculty position (MS-3), under the Full Dedication to Teaching and Research (RDIDP), with a salary of BRL 14,761.10 (May/2023), in the knowledge area of Parasitology.

The position requires a commitment to teaching and the ability to conduct independent and competitive research.

The selection process will have an eliminatory phase based on a written test. And only approved candidates in this phase will go to for the next phase. In the second phase, each candidate will give a lecture (undergraduate level) about the topics drawn during the contest, and its Curriculum vitae will be judged in a public section.

Applicants may use Portuguese or English languages in their application materials and lectures.
The topics of the selection process are as follows:

1. Epidemiology of human parasites;
2. Human parasites of the circulatory and lymphatic system;
3. Human parasites of the digestive system;
4. Human parasites of the genital and urinary system and skin tissue;
5. Genetic, cellular and molecular aspects of the relationship between parasites and their host;
6. Host immunological response to parasitic infections and mechanisms of parasite evasion of the
immune system;
7. Metabolic and physiological aspects of the relationship between parasites and their hosts;
8. Parasite diagnosis: current methods and new scientific developments for identification and diagnosis of human parasites;
9. Mechanisms of parasitic invasion and survival of parasites in their hosts;
10. Therapeutics of parasitic infections: current situation and experimental models for studying new active molecules.

The official announcement of this call in Portuguese is available on the website https://uspdigital.usp.br/gr/ admissao for the period indicated above.

Applications must be uploaded for this website – registration is required.

Inquiries about this opening may be sent to atac@fcfrp.usp.br