1. How to Register

2. Abstract Submission

         2.1 Guidelines for abstract preparation

        2.2. Analysis of the abstract

3. Poster Instructions and Zigman Brener Award

4. Oral Presentation Oral and Walter Colli Award

5. Deadlines

6. Annual Fees and Registration

7. Accomodation

8. Schedule

9. Final Consideration


1. How to Register


The participant must fill in all the fields of the Online Registration Form.

To access the registration form go to: , and click on ANNUAL MEETING – NEXT EVENT and REGISTRATION.



Inform your login and password received by email.


New Register

Affiliate to SBPz– Choose this Field in case you prefer to affiliate and register as SBPz Member. The system allows to affiliate and then proceed to the registration form.

Non – Member – Choose this Field in case you prefer to register as NON-Member. In this form the participant will create a password to allow to the restricted area.

You will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of your registration and also your password.

Be sure to register in advance in order to avoid server overload.


2. Abstract Submission

The payment of the registration fee entitles the submission of up to 2 (two) abstracts to be presented by the registered author. Co-authors of the abstract who wish to participate in the congress must also register and pay the registration fee, but they do not need to re-send the abstract.
All papers, whether invited or not, must be submitted in electronic format, according to the instructions. All accepted abstracts will be published in the Abstracts Book online.


2. 1. Guidelines for abstract preparation

The abstract must be submitted online from:, by clicking on ANNUAL MEETING – NEXT EVENT and REGISTRATION/ABSTRACT SUBMISSION.
Completion of abstract submission requires 5 steps:

A. Access to the system:
Inform the email and password previously chosen in the registration form and select “Abstract Submission”.

B. Rule
Read the rules and click on CONTINUE.

C. Abstracts
Click on:

  • CONTINUE to submit a new abstract;
  • CHANGE to edit your abstract;
  • EDIT AUTHOR to include, to edit or exclude;

D. Authors
Inform the number of co-authors (without counting you) and click on CONTINUE.

E. List of Authors and Institution
Insert authors in the respective fields in the same order as they appear in the abstract.

Or use the field “Busque autor” to find it. In this case, the system will find the data only of the authors registered in the SBPz database.

Remember to insert all the authors!

The full name and passport number of each author will be asked.

F. Abstract Submission

  • Number the order of exhibition of the authors in the field above the name of each author;
    The first author (principal author) must be zero.
  • Indicate the presenting author;
  • Fill in the Institution, City and Country fields of each author;
  • Enter the title;
    Title size is limited to 255 characters with space.
  • Select your preference to the presentation: Poster or Oral
    After the evaluation the Scientific Advisory Board will define which type of presentation will be. More information about poster and oral presentation, see the items 3 or 4 this manual.
  • Select the category;
  • Insert funding agency;
  • Enter the abstract and use the toolbar to format words or to insert special characters.
    The abstract text must be written in English and is limited to 2,000 (two Thousand) characters with space;
  • Insert three key words;
  • Confirm the data of your abstract and click on CONTINUE.

2. 2. Analysis of the abstract

The abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Board for poster or oral presentations.

The Abstracts will be analyzed and the following points will be considered:

  • Subject adequation to the meeting ;
  • The scientific content of the abstract;
  • Originality and relevance of results ;
  • All abstracts must include objectives, results and conclusions.
    Will not be accepted:
  • Abstracts in Portuguese (or other language than English);
  • Abstracts in Portuguese (or other language than English);
  • Abstracts that lack consistency with vague aims, results and conclusion;
  • Abstracts which are unclear, or describe research that is not relevant and original.
    The notification of the approval or refusal will be published in the restricted online area.
    Results of analysis will be available in the restricte area in “My abstracts”.

3. Poster Instructions and Zigman Brenner Award

  • Posters should contain the title of the paper and the name and affiliation of the authors.
  • The title of the poster should be the same as the title in the accepted abstract;
  • The poster must be written in ENGLISH;
  • Each Poster will be allocated a 0.90m wide by 1.20m high display area with string to fix;
  • Posters should include: objectives, methodology, results and conclusions.
  • SBPz will not assume responsibility for posters not removed;
  • Poster presentation is mandatory;
  • All posters should be posted on Monday  from 02:00 p.m. on and they must be in exhibition during the congress.
  • On Monday there will be the presentation of the abstracts that received odd numbers and on Tuesday the even ones.
  • Your poster number and the place for presentation will be avaiable in restricted area in “My abstracts” and also will be appear on the abstracts book online;
  • The posters will be seen by one or more members of the Evaluation Committee pre-selected by SBPz. These members CAN identify themselves or NOT.
  • The criteria adopted are: quality of the abstract and presentation, presenter’s ability to insert the abstract in specific literature.

Apply for Zigman Brener Award of the best scientific poster.:

  • Abstracts which have not been presented orally;
  • Abstracts whose presenter and the principal author (number zero) are the same person with the registration paid until July, 20th.

NOT apply for the Zigman Brener Award:

  • Abstracts with Professionals or whose author changes the presenter after the deadline;
  • Areas (BIOLOGY OF HOST-PARASITE INTERACTION , BIOLOGY OF PROTOZOAN AND ITS VECTORS, TRANSLATIONAL BIOLOGY) and/or categories (Undergraduate Student, Graduate M.Sc., Ph.D Student and Pos-Doc) with less than 3 (three) abstracts.

4. Oral Presentation and Walter Colli Award

  • The presentation must be in English;
  • SBPz will select presentations among the submitted abstracts for Platform sessions.
  • The corresponding author of the poster selected for oral presentation will be notified by email and must respond agreeing or not with this form of presentation.
  • The abstracts presented orally do not apply for the Zigman Brener Award.
  • All abstracts selected for oral presentation will apply for the Walter Colli Award. 1(one) abstract will be chosen per session.
  • Abstracts selected for platform presentation CAN NOT be displayed as posters.

5. Deadlines

    • Abstracts and early registration payment will be accepted until  June 05th, 2021
    • Late registrations after June 05th, 2020, will not receive a discount value.
      • To cancel your registration, send a request until June 05th,2021, by e-mail (, and inform the number of your registration, full name and data for your checking bank account deposit. In this case 60% of the value of registration will be returned.
      • After this date, there will be no refund.
      • REGISTRATIONS NOT PAID UNTIL June 05th,2021 will have their ABSTRACTS CANCELED without warning.
      • Registration changes are NOT allowed!
      • Any request for information, registration or abstract cancellations must be sent to with the registration number and full name of the presenting author.

6. Annual Fees and Registration

Sócios (SBPz Members) /Não – Sócios (Non Members) / Sócios – Members – British Society for Parasitology (BSP) and Argentinian Society of Protozoology (SAP)


7. Accomodation

The congress will be on-line.