Partner Societies

  • SBPC

The Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC) encourages members of Affiliated Societies to integrate their membership.

Created in 1948 by a group of renowned scientists in the country, since its founding, the SBPC has played a prominent role in the national political agenda in topics that transcend science and technology and enter the tangible fields of education, health, environment, agriculture, energy, human rights, among others.

The fact of already being a member of the SBPz will contribute to strengthen and enhance the scope of the SBPC in numerous forums of interest of the Affiliated Societies that deal with issues of fundamental importance of Brazilian society. Therefore, the SBPz members are invited to join the SBPC, which can be done through a form in the Membership Sector of our website, or by sending an email to We emphasize that the members of the Affiliated Companies have a discount on the SBPC annuity.


  • BSP

British Society for Parasitology


  • RBPT

Rede Brasileira de Pesquisa em Toxoplasmose



Federação de Sociedades de Biologia Experimental


  • ISOP

International Society of Protistologists


  • SAP

Sociedade Argentina de Protozoologia